I hope every one is staying healthy, strong, positive, and creative.

In 2016 I visited The Coliseum in Rome.  I was in search of a way to rebuild my mental health coliseum which had collapsed six months prior.  I began to put together a plan to rebuild with pillars of mental strength, stability, and peace. 

This momentary experience evoked so many emotions, thoughts, and feelings.  It helped jumpstart my new journey.  I began to believe that it would be possible to challenge, battle, and one day overcome my mental illness.  In hope of living life with strength, stability, calmness, clarity, awareness, enthusiasm, and peace. 

Through my personal struggles with mental illness I have learned to acknowledge, accept, and embrace my mental health challenges.  To embrace my mind.

On we go.  Stay tuned.

“When you really believe in and want something, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho


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