I hope every one is staying healthy, strong, positive, and creative.

I began painting in 2016.  Shortly after my mental illness diagnosis I needed a way to process, manage, and express my intense and overwhelming emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

My intention from the beginning was not to create something.  The focus was purely on how painting made me feel and how it affected my mental health.  The painting process made me feel connected to my present thoughts and feelings.  It helped quiet my mind.  I felt stable, calm, soothed, and relaxed when painting.  It allowed me the opportunity to connect with my inner child.

That is when I realized how therapeutic painting was.  I have been painting every day since that momentary experience.

Through my personal struggles with mental illness I have learned to acknowledge, accept, and embrace my mental health challenges.

Every day I work tenaciously on my mental health.  In order for me to manage, challenge, and battle the beast I have designed my own daily script.  Which includes multiple check ins, painting, psychotherapy, weightlifting, mediation, cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, and support groups (Including family and close friends).

On we go.  Stay tuned.

“When you really believe in and want something, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho


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