Working primarily with mixed acrylic and canvas, each of my abstract expressionism paintings begin with an emotional foundation tied to a momentary experience.  The variable physical character of acrylics allows me to evoke expressive qualities.

The style of pointillism allows me the freedom to create without restriction. The external focal points of my creations are depth, vibrant color, organically geometric patterns, and texture.

It is my intention that each piece evoke a personal connection to emotion within the person viewing my work.  My collections, and individual pieces, represent a window into the layers of the journey along my path on the mental health continuum.

I create from a connection to my immediate and present thoughts and feelings. For me, painting is therapeutic and provides a creative and productive outlet from an often busy and distracted world. Creating allows me to free and focus my mind.

My work can currently be seen at:

Wallaroos, Boise Idaho

My Home Studio by appointment

Past events include:

Art & Roses, Gallery 55 Art in the Courtyard, Hyde Park Festival, Indigo Art Festival, Meridian Christmas Market, and Mobley Artists Open Studio

Showings include:

Art Zone 208, Boise State Public Radio, Coffee Studio 208, High Note Cafe, Riverside Hotel

My painting, Behind the Curtain, was the cover of the Boise Weekly August 8th, 2017. I am an active member of the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance.


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